John Fitzpatrick bio


John Fitzpatrick - Client Manager

John moved to Jersey in 1990 and initially worked in the hospitality industry. While working in the industry John began his studies with a view to a career in the finance business and now holds a diploma with the Institute of Chartered Secretaries Association. 

John has now been with Pinnacle for over 10 years, previous to which he worked for one of the biggest financial services providers on the island and so has experienced both the large corporate business along with the more boutique private client oriented side offered by Pinnacle.

On a personal note, John as an avid science-fiction enthusiast hopes that his fellow countryman, Michael O’Leary, is secretly working on plans for budget space travel to rival Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic so he can fulfil an ambition of venturing past the exosphere into space.  Now surely that is the pinnacle!