Good administration is at the centre of everything we do.  Through this strong core delivery our clients can be assured that accounting, record retention, corporate governance, regulations, legal and compliance issues are all addressed.  Specifically we provide:

Trust & Company Administration

This is the day job!  Taking care of whatever needs to be done our client administrators have experience in managing a variety of structures, arranging payments and invoicing, responding to email and telephone enquiries and generally making sure tasks are completed in a timely professional manner.

Company Secretary & Company Office

As Company Secretary and Registered Office provider we ensure that the corporate records are maintained and statutory filings completed with all hard copy files stored securely at our offices.

Accounts Production

Our accounts team will prepare Trust and Company accounts in accordance with local requirements or where necessary to recognised accounting standards as they apply to each jurisdiction of incorporation.  We maintain full bookkeeping records recording both cost and current value where required so that full records of capital, capital gains and income can be reported.

Investment Monitoring

Whilst we are not regulated to provide Investment Advice where we hold investments portfolios through our structures we engage with local Investment Consultants and in conjunction with our own specialist Investment Administrator we ensure that investments are selected to meet the client’s requirements and that ongoing performance is reviewed and monitored.

Trustees, Directors, Council Members etc.

Our team of Directors will provide the necessary personnel to fulfil the statutory roles of Trustee, Company Director or Foundation Council Members ensuring that the true control and management rests with regulated, qualified and experienced people resident in Jersey.

Nominee Shareholder

Where requested we provide nominee shareholders through our regulated companies Elcan Nominees Limited and Mohul Nominees Limited.  Nominee shareholders can be useful providing an additional layer of confidentiality so that individual names are not recorded on the Company share register or share certificates.  Moreover Nominee Shareholders can assist with the administration of the Company by enabling us to hold Shareholder meetings and pass Shareholder resolutions on the direction of the Company beneficial owner.

Tax Reporting

Whilst we do not provide tax advice, the global trend towards tax transparency means that reporting on beneficial ownership and tax compliance is a significant burden.  We are experienced in these matters and are able to meet all of the requirements imposed under FATCA and CRS reporting to the Jersey Tax Office.  In addition, working with UK and international tax advisers where necessary, we are able to ensure our structures remain tax compliant and complete all necessary tax returns and filings.