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Reasons for establishing a structure in Jersey have traditionally focused on the tax benefits and whilst these remain important there are a number of other reasons for considering a well regulated and well managed offshore structure:

Succession Planning

No one likes to contemplate their own end but in an ever changing world this is one of the few certainties and planning for our own passing is an essential part of wealth management.  When the journey ends we want to make sure that we have provided for our loved ones and left our assets and our business in a healthy state to support the next generation.

At Pinnacle we can assist by ensuring you have the structures in place to manage both your business and your personal wealth in a flexible manner during your lifetime whilst ensuring that, when the time comes, the benefit passes to your intended beneficiaries, protected as far as possible from third party claims and with an optimal tax structure.

Typically the solution is to create a Trust or Foundation that ensures continuity through the generations but places your wishes as the Settlor or Founder at the heart of the structure.

Also through our legal contacts we can assist with drafting Wills to cover your Jersey situs assets or assist with Probate issues in the event of death.

Wealth Management

Whilst Pinnacle does not provide investment advice we are nonetheless responsible for maintaining and enhancing the wealth held within our structures.  We therefore work with a range of investment managers and advisers to ensure the correct asset allocation is selected and the appropriate manager appointed.  Thereafter we continue to provide monitoring and oversight to ensure that the performance of the investments continue to meet not only the initial mandate but also the changing financial requirements of our client structures.

Family Office

The term Family Office can mean different things to different people but to us it is about recognising the complex needs of the wealthy family and providing the range of administrative services to make family life easier.  Through Trust and Foundation structures we can manage the family wealth through generations whilst ensuring the right tax, legal and investment advice is coordinated.  We can also assist with the more day to day administrative functions from paying school fees to arranging the family holiday.

Tax Optimisation

Working in close conjunction with your tax advisers and other professionals we aim to provide you with the optimal tax and reporting solutions.

Asset Protection & Management

Corporate vehicles are often used to hold specific assets to segregate ownership, expenses and liability.  Pinnacle has experience in managing companies to hold a variety of assets as below:

  • Property (UK and abroad)
  • Yachts
  • Aircraft
  • Chattels
  • Art
  • Cars


The word ‘Philanthropy’ from the Greek φιλανθρωπία etymologically means the love of humanity and by its nature involves both a benefactor and, in the exercise of their benevolence, beneficiaries who will receive the benefit of goods or services. Both Trusts and Foundations are ideal vehicles to first establish the benevolent fund and set the rules and limits by which certain individuals or purposes can benefit. Pinnacle can then provide the robust administration and accounting to ensure the aims are adhered to, recorded and delivered in the manner desired.